12 November, 2018

Call for translator

Together with our colleagues of The Athena Centre for Women we are looking for a female Arabic translator. Read the full call here.

We are looking forward you applications!


26 October, 2018

We are hiring – Legal Coordinator Chios as of January 2019 

We are currently looking for a legal coordinator for our Chios office for next year. Please find the requirements and job description here.

We are looking forward your applications!


26 October, 2018

New call for interns February – April 2019 in Athens

This week we opened our office in Athens in cooperation with International Refugee Assistance Project. This office will focus on family reunification under the Dublin III Regulation as well as working on advocacy and research projects.

We are currently looking for volunteers in the above mentioned period to support our office in Athens. Please see our English and German call for interns.
Please note, that we are only working with long-term interns (minimum stay: 3 month). We are preferably looking for people doing their legal clerkship (Rechtsreferendariat) or an internship with us or for experienced asylum lawyers.
We are looking forward your applications!

10 August, 2018

3rd Open Letter to EU Commission on Inhumane Conditions in Vial

Together with several other NGOs from Chios we wrote – after a meeting with the EU Commission in April – the third open letter on the conditions in the Camp Vial on Chios. More than two years after the implementation of EU-Turkey statement, the conditions in the hotpot remain inhumane and unacceptable. This is the responsibility of not only the Greek state, but also of the European institutions, which are operationally involved in the implementation of EU-Turkey statement and the Greek hotspots. We call the EU Commission to finally take responsibility and to undertake prompt and adequate action in order to improve the conditions in Vial!

Read the full letter here

New Call for volunteers January- February 2019

We are currently looking for volunteers in the above mentioned period. Please see our English and German call for volunteers. Please note, that we are only working with long-term volunteers (minimum stay: 2 month). We are preferably looking for volunteers doing their legal clerkship (Rechtsreferendariat) or an internship with us or for experienced asylum lawyers. We are looking forward your applications!

10 July, 2018


After a long back and forth and an unspeakable political comedy, the Ministry of the Interior today presented its master plan. Although the focus has always been on rejections at the border/transit centres/accelerated procedures, there are other points to consider in the plan. Overall, it has often been pointed out that the term “Master Plan Migration” actually conceals a “Master Plan Protectionism and Return” – the focus is on asylum seekers who are perceived as a threat.

Read our full statement here.

22 June, 2018

Implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement: EU Hotspots and restriction of asylum seekers’ freedom of movement (Part 1)

In April, the highest Greek administrative court (Council of State) issued a much noted ruling. Tenor: the geographical restriction on the Greek islands, which is essential for implementing the hotspot concept, is illegal. The appreciation soon gave way to resignation, because only three days later the Greek Asylum Service simply reintroduced the geographical restriction. But how does this work, what binding effect does the judgment have and can the geographical restriction in general be brought into line with European and international legal requirements? Catharina Ziebritzki and Robert Nestler shed light on a central legal issue in a follow-up article for eumigrationlawblog.

18 May, 2018

The Dublin cap revised – how Germany prevents family reunions from Greece

As the answer of the German government on a parliamentary request by a member of the German parliament shows, Germany rejected 67 % of the family reunion take-charge requests from Greece in 2018. Refugee law clinics abroad is working with numerous affected asylum seekers, trying to enforce their right to family unity. After Germany and Greece agreed on a cap or slow-down of the family reunions in May 2017, the German asylum administration (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) now seems to develop new strategies in order to keep family members in Greece. The German newspaper Neue Osnarbrücker Zeitung reports on the issue.

Read our full statement

23 April, 2018

Booklet on Family Reunification under Dublin Regulation III

For Diakonie Germany, we wrote a booklet on family reunification under the Dublin Regulation III. The German version as well as the English version are available now.

14 April, 2018

New Call for Volunteers September 2018 – February 2019

We are currently looking for volunteers in the above mentioned period. Please see our English and German call vor volunteers. Please note, that from September on we will only work with long-term volunteers (minimum stay: 3 month). We are preferably looking for volunteers doing their legal clerkship (Rechtsreferendariat) or an internship with us or for experienced asylum lawyers. We are looking forward your applications!

21 March, 2018

Wir suchen ab April 2018 Verstärkung für unser Team in Berlin!

Der refugee law clinics abroad e.V. setzt sich für rechtlich qualifizierte Beratung Asylsuchender an der EU-Außengrenze ein. Derzeitiges Hauptprojekt des Vereins ist ein Rechtsberatungsteam im EU-Hotspot auf der Insel Chios in Griechenland. Das RLCA-Team auf Chios wird unterstützt durch das Backup-Office in Berlin. Dafür suchen wir ab April 2018 Verstärkung.

Die ausführliche Stellenausschreibung findet ihr hier!

Wir freuen uns auf eure Bewerbungen!

20 March, 2018

Two years ago the “EU-Turkey Deal” took into effect! Since than refugees are stuck on the islands, there is no improvement of the humanitarian situation on the islands, refugees are still facing inhumane and degrading conditions in the Hotspots. Proceedings are still to long in the Hotspots and in breach of EU Migration Law. The idea of a solidary system is not implemented and has failed at the external borders of the EU.

RLCA has written a statement on the worrying humanitarian situation in Hotspot Vial (German and English)

5 March, 2018


Together with our colleagues of The Athena Centre for Women and SMH we are looking for a female Farsi translator. Read the full call here.

8 February, 2018

Read our latest newsletter from February here!

31 January, 2018

Serious concern about safety of residents in Vial during the announced meeting of Golden Dawn on 31 January 2018!

Having in mind the extremely violent attacks to the former camp Souda by Golden Dawn members in the past, we are afraid of similar attacks during the meeting of the party the “Golden Dawn” on Chios on 31 January 2018. In our letter to the responsible actors, we call for the necessary measures in order to ensure the safety of refugees on the island of Chios. We remind the Police in Chios and the First Reception Service of their responsibility for the safety of the residents of Vial. Violence against refugees in Chios must be prevented!

24 January, 2018

Our Response Letter which was published by statewatch to the reply of EU Commission to our open letter addressing the situation in the Hotspot on Chios!
The EU Commission answered to an open letter they received from rlca and other organizations addressing the situation on the island Chios. Contrary to the views expressed in the response of the EU Commission, the EU hotspots constitute a failure both in terms of their human rights implications as well as in their alleged “stabilising effect”. Consequently, we urge the EU to urgently consider the closure of the hotspots on Chios and other Greek islands.

28 January, 2018

Call for Donations!

For almost a year, RLCA has been providing legal information for asylum seekers on Chios. The beginning of winter and thus constant rain makes the consultation outside in front of the Hotspot Vial impossible. Therefore, we would like to rent a small van and in the future purchase it in order to be able to continue to provide information in a confidential atmosphere and with direct access for asylum seekers from the camp.

Please support our idea and donate!

13 December, 2017

From first reception center to pre-removal facilities – Supreme Administrative court of Greece decides that Turkey is a safe third country

Clara Bünger and Robert Nestler from rlc abroad discussed the role of the Greek Hotspots and how they have fundamentally changed after the EU Turkey Deal took into effect on 20 March 2016. In their Blogcontribution on JuWiss, they set out the principles of the admissibility procedure which is applied in the Greek Hotspots and deal with the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court issued on 22 September 2017.

13 December, 2017

EU Hotspot Approach and EU-Turkey Statement in Greece: Implementing a return policy? A legal perspective

Catharina Ziebritzki from rlc abroad discussed the legal perspective of the EU Hotspot Approach from the idea to the implementation for the JuWiss Blog. Starting as an idea for a relocation sheme the Hotspots now reflect a policy of return of the EU. In her contribution she gives an overview of the procedure in the hotspots and answers detailed questions.

23rd November, 2017

Extension Call for Volunteers

Our calls for volunteers (legal & translation) are extended until 30th September 2018.

21st November, 2017

Muster-Schriftsatz zu fristgerechter Dublin-Familienzusammenführung (GERMAN ONLY)

Basierend auf dem Urteil des VG Wiesbaden und in Zusammenarbeit mit PRO ASYL haben wir einen Muster-Schriftsatz für Eilrechtsschutz mit dem Ziel der fristgerechten Familienzusammenführung aus Griechenland erstellt.
Dieser ist auf abrufbar und sollte nur nach sorgfältiger Prüfung des Einzelfalles verwendet werden.

6th November, 2017

“Highest Administrative Court in Greece sees Greece as Save Third Country” (GERMAN ONLY)

Clara Anne Bünger und Robert Nestler von rlc abroad haben das Urteil des Obersten Verwaltungsgerichts in Griechenland für den Flüchtlingsforschungsblog diskutiert. Sie beschreiben, wie sich die Wandlung der griechischen Hotspots von Erstaufnahmeeinrichtungen in Abschiebezentren auf dem Rücken der Schutzsuchenden vollzieht.

Der Blogeintrag ist hier abrufbar

18th October, 2017

“Dublin Family Reunification – neither subject to limits nor delay”

Vinzent Vogt from rlc abroad summarised and discussed the decision by the Administrative Court Wiesbaden for the European Database of Asylum Law.  The court clarifies, that there is a subjective right to be reunified with your family members in time under the Dublin Regulation III.

Read the blog entry 

12th October, 2017

Can the Court Order bring down the Cap? German Government concedes that transfers to Germany “can take place in the foreseen six-month deadline in the near future”

After the VG Wiesbaden adopted an interim measure providing that the German authorities have to communicate to the Greek authorities that applicants – who have close family members legally resident in Germany – have to be transferred to Germany, German authorities confirmed, that family members shall be transferred in time “in the near future”.

6th October, 2017

“More Than Two Years On, Refugees Are Stuck In A Lawless Hell In Greece”

Our board member Vinzent Vogt spoke to The Iranian about the harsh conditions on Chios. The report gives a good overview about the conditions and some of the problems we identify.

25th September, 2017

Greek Council of State approves forced returns to Turkey – RLCA fears massive removals to Turkey

The highest Greek administrative court on 22nd September decided in the cases of two Syrian asylum applicants. The court decided that the deportations were reasonable and did not refer the cases to the European Court of Justice for clarification of the safe third country concept.

This decision will effect many Syrian asylum seekers on Chios and the other islands. There is the danger of a high number of forced returns to Turkey. We call on Greece and the EU to stop implementation of the EU-Turkey-Deal and refrain from any forced returns to Turkey!

Read the full statement.

23rd September, 2017

German Administrative Court (VG Wiesbaden) Doubts Legality of the Family Reunification Cap

A single judge of the VG Wiesbaden adopted an interim measure providing that the German authorities have to communicate to the Greek authorities that applicants – who have close family members legally resident in Germany – have to be transferred to Germany.

Read the full statement.

14th September, 2017

Legal Clinic for Human Rights in Society at University of Haifa supporting rlc abroad


From 29th of August until 10th of September, a team of University of Haifa, Faculty of Law, s
upported our team on Chios. They assisted our legal work and translated for us. Their contribution was an enrichment for our project and we will be happy to continue to work together in the future!

13th September, 2017

“Hotspots” at the EU`s external borders (GERMAN ONLY)

Catharina Ziebritzki und Robert Nestler von rlc abroad haben ein Arbeitspapier zu den Hotspots an den EU-Außengrenzen veröffentlicht. Es geht folgenden Fragen nach: Wie wirkt sich der „Hotspot Approach“ der Europäischen Union auf Asylverfahren und Aufnahmebedingungen in den Flüchtlingslagern an der EU-Außengrenze aus? Werden die Grundrechte der Asylsuchenden und rechtstaatliche Grundsätze gewahrt?

Das Papier ist hier abrufbar

9th August, 2017

TV report about rlc abroad

Our board member Catharina Ziebritzki visited the German TV format “Landesschau Baden-Würtenberg” at SWR. She talked about the work of rlc abroad on Chios. See the video of the interview.

01st August, 2017

New Flyer on WHO WE ARE

If you want to get a compact overview on who we are and what we do or know people, who are interested in our work, have a look at our new flyer on WHO WE ARE.

27th July, 2017

Joint letter of 27 Civil Society organisations regarding family unity

27 NGO`s from Greece, Germany and the EU wrote an open letter to i.a. the EU Commission, the German as well as the Greek government regarding family reunification for asylum seekers:
“we call you to take all the necessary measures in order to stop this unlawful practice, as the arrangement agreed between Germany and Greece is, which hinder core principles and rights as family unity, the best interest of the child, protection and integration of asylum seekers”

Read the open letter

18th July, 2017

Joint press release with Diakonie Deutschland (GERMAN ONLY)

Flüchtlingsalltag in griechischen Hotspots – Pressemitteilung der Diakonie Deutschland zur aktuellen Situation und der Arbeit von rlc abroad auf Chios.

Aufgegriffen von:

Neues Deutschland

13th July, 2017

“Family Life Temporarily not Available – Bilateral Limits on Family Unity within the Dublin Systems”

Vinzent Vogt from rlc abroad analysed the legality of the German-Greek agreement on slowing down the family reunification for Verfassungsblog.
See our Opinion on the agreement: refugee law clinics abroad on the intended reduction of family reunification under the Dublin III regulation

5th July, 2017

We are looking for translators for Arabic and Farsi to improve our work on Chios. See the Call vor Volunteers

09th June, 2017

Donations for covering the flight costs of the volunteers needed!

26th May, 2017

German Federal Constitutional Court halts the deportation of a Syrian refugee to Greece

17th May, 2017

Opinion: refugee law clinics abroad on the intended reduction of family reunification under the Dublin III regulation // Stellungnahme refugee law clinics abroad zur beabsichtigten Reduzierung der Familienzusammenführung nach der Dublin-III-Verordnung

17th May, 2017

Cooperation Migration Law Clinic VU Amsterdam

We are happy that the Migration Law Clinic at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is supporting our project. It is the first non-German law clinic we are working with. VU Amsterdam offers a master programme in International Migration and Refugee Law. There are already students enrolled in this master programme volunteering for rlc abroad.

27th April, 2017

“Legal Volunteering directly on the Island”

The Legal Tribune Online published a portrait on the refugee law clinics abroad.

19th April, 2017TS_Logo_ohne_DER_RZ_09

“A Feeling of Helplessness and Powerlessness Remains”

Donata Hasselmann from the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin published an article on the situation on Chios in the “Tagesspiegel”  [german only]

13th April, 2017

In the light of recent events: Completion of the “Wahlstation” for junior lawyers (“Rechtsreferendariat”) is possible refugee law clinics abroad at Chios, for more information see our recent CALL (german only)!

11th April, 2017

Our CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS remains topical and recently was shared by EURONEWS.

10th April, 2017