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11 Reasons To Visit the Sunken Gardens

The Sunken Gardens have been a landmark of St. Petersburg since they opened their doors in 1925.  This lush, five-acre garden is located behind the historic Vinoy Park Hotel on Beach Drive, along Tampa Bay. The Garden not only provides natural beauty, but is home to an assortment of wildlife. Throughout the Garden are multiple habitats, with trails that meander through them, including a boardwalk along the mangroves.

Here are eleven reasons to visit the Sunken Gardens.

1) The Aquatic Garden

The Aquatic Garden contains a wide range of freshwater fish and water plants, along with some saltwater fish.  Some of the species you’ll see here include: guppies, bluegills, bass and catfish. This habitat also has several species of frogs, but they are often hard to spot!

2) The Hammock Island Habitat

This garden contains multiple mangroves, along with other tree species.  You can walk a boardwalk through the hammocks and going across a small bridge over a creek.

3) The Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden gives visitors the opportunity to see many different species of butterflies fluttering around, soaking up nectar from flowers. This area also has multiple hummingbird feeders for you to watch!

4) Banyan Tree House

This is home to the oldest banyan tree in Florida and is a canopy of green providing shade to the other plants below.  This location also has many varieties of bromeliads, orchids and ferns.

5) Flamingo Pond

The Flamingo Pond habitat is home to all three flamingo species that live in North America.  The red-billed, or Caribbean flamingo is the most numerous of these species and has been known to have a lifespan of up to 50 years..

6) The Monsoon Forest Habitat

This habitat is home to many types of palm trees, including several bamboos.  This garden also contains many tree ferns, making it feel like you are walking through a monsoon forest!

7) The Owl House

This garden is home to many types of gopher tortoise and contains a burrow where you can see the creatures come and go.  This is also home to great horned owls!  You might catch a glimpse of these nocturnal birds as they swoop through this area.

8) The Raccoon Pond Habitat

This habitat is home to many species of turtles, including red-eared sliders, box turtles and alligator snappers.  This area also has the barred owl, which you might get a glimpse of!

9) The Picnic Rock Garden

This garden is full of many types of flowering vines and also the native Florida wild vine.  This garden also has some great views of Tampa Bay, perfect for watching a sunset!

10) The Waterfall Garden

This garden provides another relaxing view of the waterfall and is one of the most popular locations to take wedding photos!

11) The Aviary

This aviary is home to many types of colorful birds, including the roseate spoonbill.  This species is actually endangered in Florida, so you’ll want to take a look at these area residents.

The Sunken Gardens also offers educational tours and events every day!  You can even enjoy lunch or dinner on their outdoor dining patio overlooking Tampa Bay. If you find the above reasons fun, this is definitely the place to visit!


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